So, For the Record, Anton Harber


‘Only Anton Harber, a pioneer of independent journalism in South Africa and one of the keenest observers of the media around, could have written the thriller that is this book.’ – Jacob Dlamini

So, For the Record

Veteran journalist Anton Harber brings all his investigative skills to bear on his own profession, the media. For two years he conducted dozens of interviews with politicians, journalists, policeman, state security agents and ‘deep throats’, before piecing together two remarkable tales.

The first is a chilling story of police death squads, rogue units and renditions, and how South Africa’s biggest newspaper was duped into doing the dirty work of corrupt politicians. The second starts with a broken and discarded hard drive and evolves, with many near misses, into the exposure of the depths of the Gupta’s influence over the ruling party.

Harber’s two tales reveal the lows and highs of journalism during an era of state capture. His book is both a disquieting exposé of how easily the media can be duped by a conniving cabal for its own selfish ends, and a celebration of brilliant investigative reporting by brave and ethical journalists.

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