Matthew Blackman and Nick Dall

Rogues’ Gallery

If you think corruption in South Africa began with Zuma or even with apartheid, it’s time to catch a wake-up. This book tells the story of some of the biggest skelms to grace our (un)fair shores, showing that dodgy dealings have been a national pastime for as long as South African history has been written down.

From the machinations of three utterly rotten colonial governers, to Cecil John Rhodes’ unparalleled success in poisoning the land with theft, fraud and war, Oom Paul Kruger’s corrupt Volksraads, and apartheid’s finest feats of corruption, Rogues’ Gallery busts the myth that the Zuptas were the first to capture the South African state, showing that corruption has always been around.

On the flipside, every chapter features at least one brave whistle-blower – the true heroes of this book.


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